Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I am on another art journey!!! I have started an online art class with Mystele. I will be using my blog to chronicle my adventures into Gut Art. Our first assignment was to make covers for our Gut Art Book which will hold our work. I did make one which is okay. The size will limit me a bit. So I remembered that last week I found a wonderful notebook at a yard sale (yard sales are my obsession!). It is a gorgeous Stampin' Up book (10" x 14") used by consultants. This morning I decided to alter the cover a bit and use it also. I just made a simple collage using yummy papers I'd been saving for a special project and attached it to the front. It is filled with thick pages which I will recycle by collaging them or painting over them to use for art projects. So I am ready to go with my TWO art books! As you can see, they are as different as night and day. But both appeal to me. There's my "wild/zany" side and my "proper/demure" side. Kinda like ying and yang. Never know which one will show up when I sit down in my studio! Let the fun begin!!!!!

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