Monday, July 23, 2012

Feeling Fine!

I have just completed my 3rd month of eating fresh, whole foods. I have lost 21-1/2 lbs. and am feeling fine - actually better than fine!!!! When I embarked on this new way of eating I suffered from chronic itching and hives and insomnia (I took some kind of sleep aid every night), my cholesterol was high and my blood sugar was high. Now the itching is gone; I take nothing to sleep and sleep like a baby; my cholesterol is in the normal range (it dropped 50 points); and my blood sugar is in the normal range, which it hasn't been in 15 years, even with medication. I have energy most days and my sinus headaches are few and far between. To sum it up, I have seen huge improvements in my health. Even my doctor was astonished at the improvement in my labs. I no longer eat fast food and when I do eat out I am very selective as to where I go. I eat just a few processed foods and those are organic. I think this way of eating is my new normal!!!

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