Sunday, March 15, 2009

Painting Class is a Hit!

It's been two weeks since I started my online painting class, All About Faces, with Paulette Insall. My belief has been that I could not draw very well. I have made a few feeble attempts but it has been a real effort. I thought a person either had that talent or they didn't. I am learning, however, that it can be taught. It is all a matter of technique. I have always loved women in art and have longed to be able to draw them. The first class was learning how to sketch faces, and the 2nd one was painting backgrounds. I, however, forged ahead and have been practicing painting faces all this past week. I have done something I had not done before, which is paint every day! Practice makes a big difference! My paintings have ended up being mixed-media. I've used acrylic paints, markers, colored pencils, stamps and collage elements. I am very pleased with my progress so far and the exciting thing is that I still have 5 lessons to go! I love the way each of my girls has her own personality, but they all love to have doo-dads in their hair!

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  1. Jeanne you are doing so well, and I see growth from your first face. I have YET to begin, I really want to learn to do faces. I have been working on this retreat stuff, but I also think there is a fear that I will suck at the face thing. I just need to start.