Thursday, March 26, 2009

Moving Slowly on a Thursday Morning

Yesterday I spent the day with my friend Maggie, a wonderful collage artist. Deciding to depart from my recent frenzy for painting faces I chose making altered cigar boxes as our project. We each had our vintage cigar box in hand; I had a bag of goodies (stamps, magazine images, a book to tear up, etc.); and we were working in Maggie's studio chock full of marvelous papers of all colors, textures and design. I was in art heaven! Since collage is an art medium we have in common, it was only natural that we collage our boxes. Mine turned out to be in dreamy shades of blue and Mag's was in vibrant hues. (I wish I had a picture of hers to post.) After collaging the papers onto the box, I embellished with gel paints and rubberstamping.

Last night when I finally went to bed I started coughing and it was keeping me from going to sleep. I finally decided to take some cough medication. Well, it knocked me out! I slept until after 10 this morning and am still groggy and moving slowly, which is why I am doing something quiet and lowkey like blogging. But without very much prompting I could crawl back to bed and sleep another 3 or 4 hours.

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