Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Season

This past week I finished my online painting class. This pic is my class project. I feel I learned what I set out to learn, which was to be able to paint a face. I was thrilled that I got to share a classroom with women from not only all over this country but from other countries as well. There were 2 gals in my class, that I know of, from Australia. What a fun experience!

I titled this "new season" because now that my painting frenzy is behind me I am on to other things...... like dieting! Ugh! Not fun but necessary. The problem with hibernating for the winter is that I piled on the pounds. Sitting around eating and not exercising was not a good thing. The great thing is that as I finally get serious about dieting, the weather has warmed up enough for me to be able to go in the pool and start doing my water aerobics. I have six weeks before my vacation in San Diego and LA so I am off and running with the cottage cheese, salads and lo-carb tortillas! Not as much fun as painting class but it is a new challenge in a new season of my life!

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