Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September Morning

Summer is but a memory. I didn't get any blogging done at all! Vacationed for 3 wonderful weeks with my 3 wonderful cousins (Nini, Mary and Monica) from Mexico City and my 2 cousins from California. First we attended Stephanie's wedding which was a lovely affair in San Diego. Then we toured San Diego and Los Angeles. Had a fabulous time seeing all the sites.....places I hadn't been in over 20 years like Griffith Observatory in L.A. Went to the Norton Simon Museum and the Getty Museum and was saturated in art, art, art!!!! Went to Hollywood......Then Nini and I spent 3 days at the coast breathing fresh sea air! Wonderful times.....wonderful memories!
Once I was home I deflated like a balloon! The fatigue started plaguing me so I spent the rest of the summer hanging out at home - mostly reading or fiddling around in my art room. Can't seem to muster up the energy to get our of the house!!! The computer is a nice distration, it puts me in contact with friends, family and other artisits from all over the world. When I feel brain dead I play Bookworm to keep the brain cells moving. I drag myself into the pool everyday for 20-30 minutes of movement. So goes my life right now......
But I am thankful to be alive.....thankful I have eyes to see, family that loves me, beautiful great-grandchildren that put a smile on my face. Thankful that I have a Father God that never leaves me nor forsakes me!

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