Friday, August 13, 2010

Detox is the Pits

The past two weeks I have suffered from horrendous detox symptoms - body aches, congestion, sinus headaches, etc. I am hanging on to the hope that these will soon end and be replaced by renewed vigor and energy galore. I complete 4 weeks today and have to say I do not miss bread or sweets. My meals are still pretty simple but are quite tasty. Here are some pics of some of them. By the way, these pics are for my benefit as well as those that read this post. When I get stuck on what to fix I just look over this blog for inspiration. As you can see, I am taking advantage of the fresh vegetables in season - which is why there are so many tomatoes and squash in my meals.
Top picture: Lunch of tuna salad on red leafy lettuce and tabouli salad made with red quinoa (can't say it was my favorite. Next time I'll cook the quinoa a bit.) Instead of mayo, I use my
Avocado- yogurt dressing in the tuna.
Middle pic: Egg omelet made with fresh herbs (it was so yummy!) with sides of fresh tomatoes and avocado (who needs fried potatoes?) The herbs I used were oregano, thyme and cilantro.
Bottom pic: A ground beef patty topped with fresh guacamole, summer patty squash and fresh tomatoes.

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