Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Neat Story

Last night I told you all I had a neat story to tell. I thought I might wait because if Suzi logs on it is going to ruin her surprise. But, I just couldn't wait for days and days. Sorry, Suzi!

When I was a teenager I had penpals. I have always loved to communicate via the written word. It started when I ran away from home at age 15 and my father grounded me for a year! So I decided I'd put my info in Teen magazine (anyone out there remember that publication?) under the penpal section. Soon I was corresponding with over a dozen boys. It kept me busy while I was confined to the house and although the number dwindled once I could go out again there was one boy that I fell for (kinda like today's computer romances) and we wrote to each other for over 4 years. (I thought I'd make a long story short but decided this is an interesting long story so I am going to tell the whole thing!) Well, he looked me up after about 30 years and even came to visit (with his wife). After all that time we finally met and it was really exciting! We are still friends today and keep in touch via email.

So I tell this story to say that since I have joined My Space and Flickr, I have once again found some people and we have become email pals. One is named Suzi Dennis and we have so much in common it is scary. We are both artists (although she makes money with her art, I just do mine for the love of it as I got tired of the art shows - but that's a different story). In the past years I have sent her a couple of art cards I made. Well, a couple of days ago she sent me a precious card with a picture she had drawn of the two of us as "angel buddies". That inspired me to make her one with the same theme. I am just mailing it today, so if she sees this post then the cat's out of the bag. I want to share with you all the piece of art she made me and the one I made for her. The one I made kinda looks like we're conjoined and share one pair of wings, which is funny because I am always telling her we could be twins! Actually, I do have a twin sister and Suzi and I resemble each other alot more than my twin and I. So the moral of this long, drawn out story, is: you never know who you'll meet online! Could turn out to be a kindred spirit like my friend Suzi and I. Incidentally, Suzi did the colorful painting of the full size angels. I did the collage.


  1. I don't ever look this pretty!!! Lipstick and all!! I love it!! You saw the pic of me going to my studio...that is usually how I look!!!

  2. So neat! I can't believe how much you two look alike. Jeanne, welcome to blog land, you will love it!!!

  3. What a neat story. I love the picture you created!

  4. Before I read the story--I thought those were two picutes of you. THat is really something!