Saturday, February 28, 2009

Welcome Friends

Family and friends are already checking in and it's great to see you all here. Today is like many other days this week, I got up and, still in my jammies, stumbled into my art room to get on the computer.
After going to bed last night I was thinking how blogging can really give me a voice, for those that want to hear. I don't have to impose myself on anyone, everyone comes of their own volution (is this spelled right? even spellcheck couldn't tell me!) . I can just jabber on and say whatever I want......HOW FREEING! I am one that does not like small talk, I want to find a common interest with whomever I am speaking. I guess I've always feared boring people to death. So this is the perfect venue for speaking my mind. If you're interested "come on down"! If not just walk away, or rather just shut me down and go on to another site. But if you do, I hope you'll come back. Next time I may be saying something that interests you.

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