Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Salad Meals

When I started on this journey I was not a great fan of raw vegetables. As for salads, I could take them or leave them. But now I am hooked since I can find a wonderful array of greens and fresh vegetables at the Farmer's Markets. This one is made with mixed greens, baby bok choy, long beans, and pear tomatoes(fresh from my friend's garden). The protein is a hardboiled egg and canned Albacore tuna. It was a very satisfying meal.


  1. Hi Jeanne, good to hear from you!!! I am interested to know how you are feeling after being on this for awhile. I took a look at the link you had, though at first glance the foods to eat looked limited, it really is not. It's just good whole food eating.

    I need to make changes in my eating!!

  2. it looks like you're into something good.

  3. Hi Mary - Thanks for dropping in. I just completed my 11th day and am not feeling great today but I know it is due to the fact that my body is detoxing. The first phase of the candida diet is good whole food but the problem I have encountered is that it does not allow enough carbs and I am diabetic, so it is a struggle to keep my blood sugar level. But I will be allowed more variety of foods in the next phase. Just 10 days before I go into phase 2. I am already dreaming of garbanzo beans and blueberries!!!