Saturday, July 24, 2010

Eating God's Way

I have not blogged all year due to ill health. I have not had the energy or inspiration to do much of anything creative. I finally decided to take control of my own health. After much research and the help of Ion Baths I came to the conclusion that I have an overgrowth of candida in my system. I have, therefore, embarked on a healing journey through detox and a change (DRASTIC change may I add!) in diet. As I started my new eating plan I decided to view this as a great challenge, rather than deprivation or restriction. I am one week into the new eating plan and I am so jazzed! I have started going to Farmer's Markets in both my town and a neighboring town and shopping at stores that offer quality, fresh food like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. I enlisted two friends to join me on this trek so we are supporting one another, shopping together and cooking together. Today they even helped me plant an herb garden.
I am now going to change the focus of this blog to HEALTH - my health journey. I will be posting pictures and recipes since I am having fun making my own salad dressings and dips. (I am not using anything processed or prepackaged or bottled).
The Maker's Diet by Dr. Rubin is a great resource and inspiration to me and once I am on maintenance I will follow his eating plan. I am not following his diet yet because I am first going to adhere to The Candida Diet to rid my body of candida. (
So if anyone out there is interested in health follow along with me in this and feel free to put in your two cent's worth or share any recipes made with fresh ingredients.

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