Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Dinner

I had an opportunity to use herbs out of my new garden today. I made an Herb Roasted Turkey Breast using a recipe by Ina Garten. It was to die for!!! The best turkey breast I've ever eaten. My friend, Mary Ann, who had dinner with me said it was "simply divine"!!! By the way, that white side dish is not rice but mashed cauliflower


  1. Jeanne, your art has found a new medium in your food--it looks so good. I'm intrigued by the cauliflower because it does look like rice and I wonder how you prepared it.
    I hope you're feeling much better. Have you tried Nystatin for the yeast problem? The ND I've seen in Westlake Village prescribed it for me and it really works on the problem. Also, "Extraordinary Foods for the Everyday Kitchen" is a helpful, albeit a plain, cookbook. It has recipes that are sugar-free, yeast-free, wheat free, egg free, milk-free and soy-free. If you are desperate to get better it is useful otherwise you will find it too simple.
    Thanks for sharing your blog.

  2. Hi Dianne - Nice to hear from you. I have not tried Nystatin because I want to do this naturally without drugs. The process of killing off the candida will take a bit longer but I'm doing okay. Thanks for telling me about the cookbook, I'll have to try and find it. As for the cauliflower - I steamed it until soft, mashed it with a potato masher and added organic butter and plan yogurt (I make my own which is not as tart as the commercial one). Salt and pepper was all I used to season it. How are you doing?